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~Attention is the Beginning of Devotion~

Just as the Earth is our bedrock foundation, so too does this POD form the core basis of our emerging understanding of PBL. Therefore, this is an introduction to PBL with important Project structures, philosophical understanding,  sustainable processes, and foundational examples examined. 


Gain your 'PBL Basic' Studio Certificate after taking this POD. 

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

The Project Arc

Some questions we try to answer in this workshop are: What is PBL and how is it different from doing just a project? How can you create a project outline and implement PBL in your classroom? What does a PBL classroom look like? What is a Project Arc, and how do you start a Project? How do you oversee a Project from start to finish and match curriculum expectations with PBL process?


Project work involving Science concepts and Social Studies connections are highlighted to demonstrate PBL Scaffolding. The EARTH POD examines this idea through the interesting lens of Parallel Projects and the basic components of PBL.

Begin Your Journey

This is a good workshop for those in the beginning phase of their PBL journey and want to challenge themselves in new ways, transform their traditional classroom, or those who want to continue informing, reflecting upon, and refreshing their own practice wherever they may be in their PBL learning Arc.

This POD is also the first step on your journey to achieve further Institute Certifications and potentialy your Master PBL Educator Diploma. 


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