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The PBL STUDIO Workshops are available throughout the year as Modular Zoom recordings that you will have access to for a certain amount of time once you register. However, Membership allows you unlimited access. Live, in-person PBL support sessions are also available during the weekends and summer months upon request. 


The Institute workshops are designed to facilitate a thoughtful Webinar like experience in order to nurture a reflective growth mindset, and are most suited to educators who want a more self-directed approach in regards to 'when' they engage with the learning modules.  


The 'I SEE PBL' Modules are created and facilitated by the Studio's Workshop POD Leader, and offer a synergy of instruction, video and picture media formats of authentic student projects, philosophical analysis and project scaffolding, and resource sharing.​

Digital Nomad

In this way, the Institute is dedicated to helping educators worldwide become more effective PBL practitioners via convenient and accessible workshop POD opportunities from...ANYWHERE.

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