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Fire POD

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already... we have the power to imagine better.” 

Fire gives off warmth and light,  and we need it to navigate the darkness. Thoughtful educational leaders therefore need to be the spark of PBL, and be sources of inspiration and guidance to others in their PBL journeys.


This is an ideal Workshop Module for those educators who will potentially find themselves in a position to Mentor, Lead, or Coach others via PBL, or possibly Administer a PBL program, maybe for the first time. 

It is also a useful workshop for those in higher education(college and university) who want a compact and comprehensive PBL professional development experience. 

PBL Leader

This Module looks at what it means to be a PBL Leader and how to inspire and motivate others via Project Based Learning.


Gain your PBL Leadership Certificate after taking this workshop. 


- Be the Light

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