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Mini-POD Library

Finding Inspiration in Every Project

These Mini-POD workshops focus on one PBL topic or project at a time, and are short and to the point in a pragmatic way.

Many of the projects and topics covered in the main 'I See PBL' PODS(EARTH, WATER, SKY, and FIRE) are showcased and isolated here in the Mini-PODS. 

Once you have perused the current Library selections and made your Mini-POD choices, you can use the 'Book It' Buttons to acquire your selection. Once you have enrolled, a link will be emailed to you with access to the Zoom recording of the workshop for two weeks.

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Designed for Easy Engagement


Most Mini-PODS are under 30 minutes and are therefore very 'time friendly.' The Mini-PODs on Evaluation and Teacher Inspirations are 1 hour each. 

There are a wide variety of projects for your perusal, and see descriptions of the Mini-PODS below. The projects can be adapted for any age group, and the Mini-PODS outline everything you need to get started. 

The Mini-POD Library is useful for those who do not necessarily want to commit to the Main POD training program leading to Studio Certificates(EARTH, WATER, SKY, FIRE) but who want access to the topics and projects utilized therein on a separate basis. 


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