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Take a Closer Look, and find PBL

Diploma Program

Earn your unique, 'Master PBL Educator' Institute Diploma by engaging in all 4 of the main Studio workshop PODS - EARTH, WATER, SKY, & FIRE. 

PBL is...Elemental

Modular POD Series

The PODs are named after the four essential elements in nature, and are symbolic of the importance of connecting students to the real world via PBL in order to become advocates for the planet - Earth, Water, Sky, Fire. 


The workshop PODS are grounded and down-to-earth for 'everyday'  teachers, with the PBL Process explained and simplified for easy engagement and practical implementation in the classroom.

Enjoying Outdoor


The Institute PBL Studio offers an online, 4 part Modular Workshop series on Project Based Learning, with easy access to the Workshops throughout the academic year to allow for flexible planning and completion. You can also become a Member of the Institute and gain unlimited 'forever' access to all 'I SEE PBL' workshops at any time. 

Course of Study

For long term planning, It is useful to think of the PODS as a 12 Hour long course of study, broken up into 4 separate Workshops that progress easily from one to the other, but still remain independent of each other. By immersing yourself in the Studio Diploma program, deep and long lasting PBL understanding can occur.

Common Threads

An examination of the structural, philosophical, and motivational underpinnings of PBL is a common thread throughout all 4 PODS, thus helping educators build up the skills to become effective and motivated PBL facilitators. The PODs are made available to all educational professionals, teachers and administrators who are interested in PBL. 


All four PODS are over 3 hours in length each, broken up into 2 separate 1.5 -2hr Modules to allow for easier self-paced engagement and reflection for self-directed educators. All the Studio workshops are available via a Zoom recording, so you will be able to watch and absorb at your leisure after you enroll.

Wherever you may be in your Project Based Learning adventure...

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