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~Be Water~

Water is life itself - It is fluid, powerful, and necessary for growth. So too is PBL, in that it allows for deeper thinking and sustainable engagement in process, leading to an authentic project mindset . Therefore, this next level Workshop inquires further into PBL with specific and comprehensive Project Case Studies.  We examine the concept of Macro projects with innovative formats, and look closely at several project outlines. How to develop in-depth evaluation is also a key component of this POD.


Gain your 'PBL Specialist' Studio Certificate after taking this POD along with the EARTH POD. 

Real World Connected

This workshop POD examines how relevant and current environmental issues can inform your project work and connect students to the real world and a sustainable future. We also look at how curriculum content standards can be incorporated into PBL structure and philosophy using Engineering, Economics, Geography, and Mathematics examples. 

PBL Mindset

Therefore, this workshop takes a deep dive into how to construct meaningful and integrated learning experiences for students via PBL. This is accomplished by an ongoing examination of specific projects, planners, evaluation rubrics, and the flowing river of motivational attitudes throughout.


The Water POD continues to explore the important Mindset necessary to implement PBL in a practical way, and the journey you must go on to become an effective PBL Specialist and influence the educational environment around you

Clean Beach
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