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~Creativity Endures~

Air is vital to life, just as creativity breathes life into PBL. Reach then for the sky and achieve your dreams, and learn through this 'I See PBL'  POD that 'Creativity Endures' and thrives via PBL. Therefore, this final, special, future thinking POD focuses on the creative and innovative components that drive PBL forward in connecting learning to the real world and the vital concept of Community Building. Constructing personal relevance for your students is also an important focus in this POD.  


Earn your 'PBL Teacher' status after taking this POD along with the EARTH and WATER PODS. 

Flexible Thinkers

Learn how to grow a creative culture of inquiry and social action in your classroom/school via this POD, and learn the importance of student 'Voice and Choice' in creating free and flexible thinkers in the classroom. 


This POD has something for everyone, especially making important content connections with English, Language Arts, and Reading subject areas.

Hands-on Innovation

We also use the lens of Architecture to explore the idea of working with your hands and creating kinesthetic work spaces for students.


This POD also builds on the first two workshops and continues to dig even deeper into complex PBL structures, philosophy, creative content connections, and what it truly means to become an innovative PBL Teacher.  

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