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Discover PBL

Discover PBL and see what it can do for you and your classroom. 

Where will it take you?

Camping in Forest

PBL is an adventure of discovery into the unknown and to make learning come alive.

There are many concepts and progressive ideas that go into making PBL an adaptive and engaging way to teach and learn.

During the Institute Workshops, educators will learn what makes PBL a powerful way to engage in meaningful content, and to help students solve real world connected issues that impact their lives.

Below are some of those key constructs that drive PBL forward in a sustainable way, and that will be explored in the Workshops. 

See PBL as ~
an Adventure


Rock Climber

'Attention is the beginning of Devotion.'


Project Based Learning is about planning, designing, and engineering ideas, and wanting to know how the world works. It is the merging of content, thought, and student self-discovery through a process that cultivates natural curiosity. 

School Garden
Pupils in Greenhouse
Building a Robot
Student Portrait

Authentic Learning

PBL is student expression and 'voice and choice' leading to authentic, 'student-led' learning experiences. Make learning come alive and empower your students. 

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