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A Pathway to PBL - Workshops for Educators

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IC-PBL: Institute Certificate Platform

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The PBL POD Series


Foundations ~ Sustainability ~ Creativity ~ Spark

The Institute offers an online, 4 part workshop series on Project Based Learning. You have easy access to the workshops to fit your busy schedule and to immerse yourself at your convenience wherever you may be. Earn your Master PBL Educator Diploma by engaging in all 4 workshop PODS. 


The PODs are named after the four essential elements in nature, and  symbolize the connections between real world issues and the lives of the students. PBL is a catalyst for this type of learning and student action.  

The structure and philosophical underpinnings of PBL is a common thread throughout all 4 PODS, thus helping educators stay motivated and engaged as they try new things in the classroom.

Earth POD


Just as the Earth is the bedrock foundation of our existence, so too does this POD form the core basis of our emerging understanding of PBL. Therefore, this is an introduction to PBL with important Project structures, philosophical understanding,  sustainable processes, and foundational examples examined.

Germinated Plant

Water POD


Water is life itself. It is fluid, powerful, and necessary for growth. So too is PBL, in that it allows for deeper thinking and sustainable engagement in process, leading to an authentic educational mindset. Therefore, this next level Workshop inquires further into PBL with specific and comprehensive Project Case Studies.  How to develop in-depth evaluation is also a key component of this POD.

Hand Touching Water



Air is vital to life, just as creativity breathes life into PBL. Reach then for the sky and achieve your dreams, and learn through this POD that 'Creativity Endures' and thrives via PBL. Therefore, this final, special, future thinking POD focuses on the creative and innovative components that drive PBL forward in connecting learning to the real world and the vital concept of Community Building. Constructing personal relevance for your students is also an important focus in this POD. 

Creative Class

Fire POD


Fire gives off warmth and light in the darkness, and we need it to navigate the unknown. Learn how to be leaders with these qualities and to be sources of inspiration and guidance to others in their PBL journeys.

I See PBL - As a Platform

Earn individual PBL Studio Certificates by engaging in the POD Series of Workshops. Gain your Master PBL Educator Diploma by taking all 4 PODS - EARTH, WATER, SKY, & FIRE

Mini-POD Library

Peruse topics and projects explored and discussed in the main PODS here in the Mini-POD Library. The Mini-PODS are all under 30 mins long for easier engagement, and only focus on one topic or project.  

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