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Working on School Project


Submit your authentic project to the Institute with a brief summary, including why it’s authentic Project Based Learning and how it engaged and impacted your students in meaningful ways therein.  

Send along a few pictures of the project process and finished Culminating products that we could use here, and you can even include short vid clips of you guiding/facilitating the project(which you can simply shoot on your phone). Creating a Google page link with all your pictures and documentation that the Institute can access and choose from is an easy option. 

Well executed and presented entries will receive International recognition for the project team and their school via a 'Showcase Spot' right here on the PBL Institute Website. 


Submit your project entry anytime throughout the year to be considered. 

Montour High School ~ Showcase Project

Teaching team - Pam Diianni, Kara Olshenske, and Gina Ligouri


This comprehensive Showcase entry came to us from from Montour High School in Pennsylvania. Learn about this project below in their own words: 


Our PBL was based on the content in our PBL Integrated Studies and Honors Integrated Studies courses. This was designed and implemented to blend the areas of History, English and STEM together as a cohesive discipline while incorporating areas of design and feedback loops with professionals in their respective fields and the school community as a whole. 


In this project, the students were tasked to create a museum in the school community for the students and teachers to utilize as a resource.  The content was based on the US History 10 curriculum and focused mostly on the “Impact of World War II in Pittsburgh”, which is where we are located.  We (the three content area teachers) met over the summer to plan and coordinate with the Heinz History Center (HHC) as the outside professional resource for the project.  After we collaborated with the archivist and curator, we took our students to the HHC to conduct “field research”.  


The students participated in several LUMA Institute activities during the design and feedback sessions.  Students received feedback at several points during this process from not only their classmates and teachers but also peers outside of the class, districtwide administrators and the archivist and curator of the HHC. 



Project Showcase

Get International recognition for your school and exposure as PBL practitioners by submitting your Showcase entry anytime throughout the year ~ Get Seen. 

PBL is about the Creative Human Experience.

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